Jovee Travel is a trusted, fully licensed, rapidly growing Canadian Travel and tour company. Rapidly growing Canadian Travel and tour company.
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About Us

 Who We Are?

Based in Edmonton, Alberta with an Operations office in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Jovee Travel is a trusted, fully licensed, rapidly growing Canadian Travel and tour company. We are committed to providing our clients with the best and most memorable holiday experiences. Every member of our team understands that the focus of this company is to make sure you enjoy your trip.

 What We Do?

Jovee Travel Inc is a full service and customer focused Travel agency and tour operator. We offer excellent end to end travel based assistance with a promise of complete customer satisfaction.

From providing tailor-made itineraries to extending quality support in planning the perfect holiday package, we are here to help on your journey to your adventure.

 How We Do It?

To deliver what we promise, our friendly team works with you cohesively every step of the way. We strive for client contentment and complete satisfaction. At Jovee Travel Inc, we go the extra mile to help you plan and design the perfect holiday package that goes beyond making hotel room arrangements. Based on your needs and budget, our passionate and knowledgeable team members will help you plan your dream trip for an ultimate holiday fun. We make sure that you come back home smiling, refreshed and with an experience that you don’t just want to share but relive too!


To become the first choice of travellers to fulfill their holiday bucket list destinations.


Our core mission is to provide our clients the best service in helping you plan a relaxing retreat or an amazing adventure at competitive pricing.

 Why Us

Not all travel and tour operators are the same. Allow us to show you how and what makes Jovee Travel Inc a cut above:

  • Our efforts are geared towards building trust and long term relationships with our clients which is evident through our client focused services and quality assistance.
  • Travelling is our first love and passion. And therefore, we make sure that our customers enjoy the best travelling experiences and come back home with great memories.

  • We anticipate the excitement that comes with travelling and we make sure that all that is delivered! At Jovee Travel Inc, we take care of everything (hotel accommodation, sight-seeing, and ground transportation), providing you with the best holiday package.