Jovee Travel is a trusted, fully licensed, rapidly growing Canadian Travel and tour company. Rapidly growing Canadian Travel and tour company.
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Terms and Conditions

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Jovee Travel inc. is a Canadian Travel and tour agency based in Surrey, British Columbia


For purposes of these Terms & Conditions the words “you,” “your,” “passenger” and “cardholder” refer to each person who books or otherwise purchases or receives goods and services arranged through Jovee Travel Inc. The words “Jovee” “Jovee Travel “, “our” and “we” refer to Jovee Travel Inc., its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and agents. Jovee Travel makes arrangements with suppliers who provide travel services such as air travel, cruises, hotels, buses, sightseeing, car rental or other activities included in your booking. The travel services are subject to the conditions imposed by these suppliers, and their liability may, in turn, be limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage and international conventions and arrangements. Jovee Travel does not own, manage, operate, or control any vehicle, hotel, resort, cruise ship, restaurant, or other supplier of services, and is not responsible for their acts or omissions. Please read and ensure you understand these Terms & Conditions. When you book or otherwise receive services through Jovee Travel, you are accepting and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions listed on these pages.


Simply call 1 (604) 503 3385 or email us at and we will contact our suppliers for reservations. Before booking, you must clearly explain your requirements, your tastes, your needs and your expectations with regard to the trip planned as well as any detail that could affect the validity of transportation tickets and the smooth functioning of the package (for example, if you are a national of a country other than Canada, or if you have a handicap, etc.) so that we can give you the proper advice.


At the time of booking, please provide correct information regarding personal details (passport name, address, contact information) and flight information (If applicable). The name given when booking must be the name appearing in your passport. Otherwise a name change fee will apply. We will not be responsible for extra costs incurred due to incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information. All international travel requires a valid passport. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date you expect to return home. You are responsible for arranging visas or travel permits, if applicable. Medical vaccination certificates may be required for entry in some countries. Under normal circumstances you will receive your final tour documents two weeks prior to departure unless delayed by a supplier providing documents .


Package including air: Minimum $1000 deposit per person, it can be more according to the airline conditions at the moment of the reservation.

Land only: 35% of the package price

Note: Additional deposits may be required by some resorts which are over and above the initial deposit requirements.

If you combine a flight with land: full payment for the air is required and once the ticket is issued, it will be 100% non-refundable.

  • These deposits do not include insurance.
  • Final payment is due 90 days before departure
  • For all bookings made less than 30 days before departure, payment by credit card is required.
  • Cruise deposits require an extra $500 and final payment is due 120 days before departure


We accept MasterCard and Visa for deposits and insurance. An Administrative fee of $250/person will be assessed on all final payments, which when paid by wire transfer or bank transfer, will be waived. When a credit card is used to confirm and pay for a booking, you, the passenger, and/or the cardholder give consent to Jovee Travel for the card’s use. The credit card holder’s signature is compulsory. We will retain proof thereof for our file and may submit it to our suppliers upon request.


All prices include (whenever applicable) Twin or Double occupancy accommodation with private bathroom and/or private shower. (Single rooms are limited and will be confirmed after the reservation); transfers as indicated in the program; transportation by tour bus, train or ship as mentioned in the itineraries; meals mentioned in the itineraries (drinks not included); visits according to the itinerary including entrance fees; handling of one piece of luggage per person (unless otherwise stated in the program); hotel service charges; Travel documents.


Passport fees, insurance, optional excursions, gratuities, visa fees & transportation-related taxes and fees, personal expenses (drinks during meals, wine or spirits) and any other items not specifically stipulated as being included in the package must be paid for by the passenger including airport taxes where applicable. For assistance in securing flight bookings and travel insurance, please inquire at the time of booking.


Jovee Travel cannot guarantee specific requests such as room location, adjoining rooms, bed preference, seat selection, in-flight meal requirements, sky cots, etc. While Jovee Travel will advise service providers of such requests, it cannot be held responsible if such requests cannot be fulfilled or if local surcharges are applied.

CHILDREN Unless otherwise stated, children prices are restricted to those 2-11 years of age at the time of departure .


Customs and/or immigration officials can deny a person’s entry into their country at their own discretion. A previous criminal record could be an obstacle in international travel. Jovee Travel cannot be held responsible for denied entry under any circumstances.


Jovee Travel is not responsible or liable for changes or cancellations made that relate to or arise as a result of hostilities, acts of war or threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics or health risks, technical problems with transport as well as flight delays due to weather or for mechanical reasons, government action, closed or congested airports or ports, supplier insolvency, governmental acts and other events beyond our control. You agree that Jovee Travel does not assume any responsibility, and is not liable, for the costs or other consequences that arise out of or result from inclement weather conditions at any time of the year. We strongly recommend that you purchase trip insurance that covers you for any government issued travel advisory warning.


It is strongly recommended that all travellers obtain adequate insurance coverage to protect themselves should they be obliged to cancel a holiday due to health problems or unforeseen circumstances. You may purchase such insurance the time of booking. You may also wish to purchase medical insurance. You agree that Jovee Travel shall not be responsible or liable for health problems that may arise or become aggravated while travelling or at your destination. Standards of medical care may differ from those in Canada. Treatment may be expensive, payment in advance may be required and provincial health care coverage may be limited.


If you need to cancel your booking, you must notify us immediately in writing.

Cancellation charges are calculated based on the date that the suppliers receive notice of cancellation. The cancellation charge compensates all suppliers for damages arising from cancellation, including, among other things, pre-payment made on booking of travel and other services and administration costs involved in processing a cancellation. By booking a vacation you agree that the cancellation charge is a genuine estimate of damages of any cancellation and is not a penalty.


Once the ticket issued, the ticket cancellation fee can be from $300 to 100% non-refundable plus the following fees:

  • More than 60 days prior to departure: The deposit amount will be charged (refer to the “Payment requirements” paragraph)
  • Between 46 to 60 days: 75% of the package price
  • Less than 45 days: 100% of the package price The departure date is excluded in determining the cancellation deadline.

If a change is made to the room occupancy, including the addition to or reduction of the number of occupants, you will be responsible for any resulting increase in price. If a passenger wishes to modify, change or cancel the package, he or she will be required to notify Jovee in writing within the prescribed deadline. Jovee will not issue a refund for any cancelled or unused services after the departure.


Prices quoted are per person based on two adults sharing one hotel room. They are quoted in Canadian dollars and do not include GST (where applicable) and taxes. However, local environmental fees, communal hotel taxes must be paid locally. The prices advertised in this brochure/Flyer/website are based on fixed costs at the time of print. Jovee travel reserves the right to change the price of any tour and amend the invoice. Any price increase will notified no later than 90 days prior to departure.


Jovee Travel reserves the right to cancel a package if not enough participants are registered. In the event that certain services are cancelled, Jovee travel will have no responsibility beyond the refund of all monies received by Jovee for such cancelled services, which will be deemed to constitute full settlement of any claim you might have against Jovee Travel for the cancellation. However, you must notify us of your decision in writing within 72 hours of such notice Alteration of Services: Advertised facilities may occasionally be modified or unavailable. We will advise you of any description changes, if known, prior to departure. Sometimes major changes to your holiday arrangements may be required due to circumstances beyond our control, such as hotel overbooking, unexpected maintenance problems or due to market conditions. Major changes may include change of destination, change of departure or return by more than 24 hours, change of itinerary, change of hotel, ship or accommodation standard. In these circumstances, Jovee Travel reserves the right to substitute hotel and other arrangements for arrangements of comparable value without notice or liability.